Power Control Center (PCC) is electrical equipment designed to regulate the distribution of electrical power to various equipment, be that to PDBs or LDBs in a commercial buildings or to various machines or MCCs in a factory. Typically, Main PCC Switchboard supplies power to the various PDBs in a factory.

Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry. Normally Power Control Centers is installed near power source (Transformer) hence fault level is high. It is normally designed to suit fault level of 50kA or 65kA for 1 sec or higher. Busbar system in Power Control Centers are designed to suit the fault level as well as temperature rise to 40°c above ambient. Various protections viz short circuit, overload, earth fault, under voltage etc are provided to protect source and equipment.

Simective has manufactured many custom made PCC Switchboards.

  • Type: Modular/Non-Modular, Fixed/Draw out, Single front/Double front, Cable Chamber - front side/back side, dust and Vermin proof
  • Protection Class: IP 42/IP 54/IP 55
  • MOC: CRCA 12 / 14 / 16 guage as per requirement.
  • Rated Supply: 380/415/440/480/600V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase, 3/4 Wire
  • Short Circuilt Level: 36/50 kA for 1 sec
  • Rated Current: 6000 A for Main Bus
  • Enclosure Type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Standards: CPRI Tested OR IEC 61439 Part 1 & 2.
  • Busbar MOC: Aluminum/Copper, Electrolytic grade.
  • Feeders: MCB/MCCB/ACB/Bus-Coupler